Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Pac-10 predictions: UCLA @ UW, OSU @ Arizona, Oregon @ ASU, USC @ WSU

Big night for the Pac10 tonight with the champion still to be determined. UCLA has a tough test heading to Washington, but can they handle it and keep their hopes alive? Arizona hosts an Oregon State team that beat them at home, maybe that gives them confidence for another win?

My picks:
Washington-86 UCLA-79
Oregon State-58 Arizona-82
ASU-71 Oregon-64
WSU-71 USC-67

Quick added note about the upset prediction in Seattle: While the Bruins come in hot, I think Hec Ed will be too much to handle for the Bruins. Josh Smith returns home and will be the target of the Dawg Pack, that should be a major factor in the game tonight. If he can find a way to put the jeers out of his mind, I expect a big game from him, which should keep it close, but still won't be enough for UCLA to win. They are talented, but Washington comes in desperate and mad, that's how they play best. Nothing would surprise me tonight though, a blow out by either team is possible, but a good close game would be helpful for each team as they prep for the post-season.


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