Friday, October 21, 2011

Huskies @ Stanford a writers bleeding thoughts

It's been a long long time since I've done anything on this blog, but I have some burning thoughts inside of me from a fans perspective. Thing's I can't put into my stories for Rivals and have no other place to lets it out...

I think the Huskies can win this football game. I've said it a few times to friends and family, but never on record as a non-biased writer. So why the two thoughts? Well because in reality, everything tells me that Stanford is the better team and should win the game, so as a writer I'm following that and picking the Cardinal. But as a bleeder of purple and gold, I'm picking the Huskies...Win-Win for me? I guess so, but that's just the way it goes.

Why do I think the Huskies win? Well because the Husky offense is just too good to be stopped. They're going to put up points in the game, that means they'll be in the game no matter what Stanford does on offense. If the Huskies score 40 points, which I think could happen, they will at the very least be right with the Cardinal.

But the Huskies come in knowing this is the biggest game the program has seen in probably 10 years. You could argue the Holiday Bowl or one of the late games last season, but NO, a win over Stanford put them into contention for the Rose Bowl and would show the nation that the Huskies are back. The players know that, Sark knows that, and that fire should give them an edge that Stanford can't match. Even at home in Stanford Stadium, it's not exactly the most amazing atmosphere for college football, I don't think the Cardinal are all that fired up for this one.

Go ahead and tell me that the Huskies defense isn't good enough to contain Andrew Luck, I'll agree, I think he will have a big game. But if the Huskies win the turnover battle and special teams battle, which seems very possible, how can they lose the game? With Price under center and Polk pounding it as well, all the offense needs is for the other two aspects of the game to give a little bit of help, and it will be all there for the taking.

My last reason for thinking the Huskies win is that I am a firm believer in what Sark is capable of. Yes he's made some mistakes here and there, but he has a brilliant offensive mind that will keep the Huskies rolling. I expect a game plan that is effective and high powered and puts up a lot of points. He is ready for this one and so are the Huskies.

As a non-biased writer I picked Stanford 45-38, But what I REALLY think will happen, is the Huskies win 42-34.


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