Sunday, February 13, 2011

Huskies win thanks to Thomas lighting up the scoreboard

It was a windy day in Seattle yesterday and that caused the power to go out in the middle of the Husky games. Luckily there was a generator to keep the place lit, but it took some time before play resumed with slightly dimmed lighting. Isaiah Thomas also had his lights knocked out, but it was Darnell Gant who did it. Thomas was obviously mad about it and let Gant know it, Gant got in his way and the guy knocked down a three. Thomas left the game, but when he came back he sure lit the place up even with the dimmed lights. Thomas took over the last 3 minutes of the game in a way I have never seen him do before.

He had no points at that point and had done next to nothing to help Washington but they were still in a commanding position. He then hit four threes and two free throws and had no misses. It was good for 14 points in under 3 minutes to close out the half. He showed that when he wants to he will carry the team on his back and do whatever it takes to win the game. Thomas wants to win and he wants to bring the Huskies deep into March, games like this will be very helpful for the Dawgs.

The second half was a boring one, nothing really happened other than a couple of tech's. The one on Aziz was an awful call in my opinion...he wasn't on the rim for more than a split second but still got tech'd up. It's a bogus call to make when a guy has defenders underneath him or doesn't have balance to let go. Aziz isn't trying to show off or make anyone look dumb so don't make that call. The throwing of elbow deserved the tech and MBA maybe deserved one too, but must not have connected with his elbow so no tech. The refs overall just didn't do a very good job but I don't think it cost either team much.

I like what I saw at times from the Huskies, but I am a tad worried about my prediction of a sweep of the Arizona schools. I still think they win at ASU, but I think they could lose a close one to Arizona. The team doesn't know how to close games outside of Seattle and that may be the downfall of them going into the NCAA tournament next month.

Here is a link to my notes from the game: (Premium)


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