Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sports Boredom in February...The Super Bowl and NCAA Basketball Enough to Entertain you?

I'm a college basketball fan so that keeps me pretty entertained at this time of year, but is there a worse time to be a sports fan than the month of February?

I am going to take a look through the different slow times in sports and determine which part of the year is my personal least favorite.
The NBA is in full swing as teams push to make the playoffs, but I really never watch the NBA at all. I will elaborate another time on my NBA disdain, but in general it isn’t nearly as appealing to me in comparison to other professional sports.

The Super Bowl is in the beginning of the month, which I guess should automatically boost February’s sports appeal, but that’s just one day and one game. It is the biggest game of the year though and one any sports fan makes sure they watch no matter that’s playing.

The beginning of the month has another big day with National signing day for college football. Like the Super Bowl, because it is just one day it doesn’t really do a lot as a whole; especially because it isn’t something you can watch on TV.

Lucky for me college basketball is hitting its stride at this point giving me something to look at daily. While I enjoy watching and following college basketball as much as anything, being a Pac-10 fan makes half the days boring. All teams play Thursday Saturday almost every week, meaning that Monday through Thursday morning nothing is happening.

When I turn on SportsCenter I can see highlights, but not teams I care about. I wish the Pac-10 would change how they do things, but I doubt that will happen, and maybe it's good for me, broadens my horizons to all teams in the country. But really I don't like seeing Terrence Jones and Coach Calipari highlights every night…probably because I have bitter feelings towards them for pretty obvious reasons.
As a Mariners fan, the fourth of July marks the day the team is out of the playoffs just about every year, meaning locally I have nothing to follow.

Well…Actually the Storm may play in July, but I honestly have ZERO clue if that is right or not, and I refuse to go look it up. If you know me you know how I feel about women’s recreational activities…although that is slowly changing.

Lucky for me I am an avid fantasy baseball player and this time of the year is when I usually spend hours checking my teams while the rest of the league squanders around letting me move further ahead in first place.

July is a good month as well because I love baseball regardless of what teams are playing, nothing’s much more enjoyable than sitting down and watching a good baseball game, even a crappy one can be enjoyable, or maybe I have just grown used to crappy games living in Seattle...

Another plus to this time of year it that it is right before NFL pre-season starts up, notice I said before, and that’s a good thing. The pre-season is lame and I can't stand it, but I do enjoy getting a daily dose of pro football news.
Early December:
This month could be great or awful, it just depends on a couple of key things…

First if you don't like football then chances are you are bored with sports in November as well...but what American doesn't like sports?

The second thing is where your teams are at in the standings...The college football regular season is pretty much over at this point and teams are getting ready for bowl games. But if you are a Husky fan you've been stuck watching your team clean out their lockers and go home. If your team is not going to a bowl it marks the end of football season and the time until the bowls actually start can be pretty boring.

The NFL season can get lame at this point as well...the reason being that the playoffs are usually pretty well set up at this point, you know if your team is in or out. Either way the early December games aren't really all that fun to watch.

I like this time of year, because college basketball is getting started up, but I could see why other people could dislike this time of the year.
And the Winner is...
My vote clearly goes to February…which is a little odd because it’s college basketball season, one of my favorites. But there just isn’t anything else going on and most days I have little to no entertaining sports to read. Plus there is too much talk about baseball going on, yet no games being played. 


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