Friday, February 11, 2011

Who I am and What I do

My name is Mitchell Larsen, I probably was a sports fanatic before I could walk. I started playing soccer when I was 3 and was flipping through the Seattle P.I. Sports section before I could even read. My passion for sports has only grown since then, I spend hours every day reading through sports blogs, stats and playing fantasy baseball and football. Recently I have begun my professional career as a sports journalist with which is Washington Huskies site. You can go there and find some of my articles on the Huskies and their new recruits.

While that is all good and fun I don't get to put my opinion anywhere in those. I am just a reporter and not a fan, otherwise there would be a conflict of interest. This is why I want to start this blog so I can talk about what is going on in sports and throw my thoughts out there and analyze things I find interesting. I can't promise to be unbiased, but I will do everything I can to stay away from being a homer.

I will focus on a few different things here, first being local sports. Huskies, Mariners and Seahawks for the most part, but also Cougar and high school news...which isn't too different. I will also give my thoughts on national stories that are going on and anything else that I want to talk about.

I need to be VERY clear that this is in no way connected to my work with UDubSports. I will post links to my stories over there, but what is seen on here is ME, and anything off of this website is my professional work, the two will not mix. Because I have media access with Rivals I can't share any press conference news or quotes I get while on the job.

I want to bring out my fan side here with the added effect that I do work for the media and I have some good insights that I would like to share.

Ideally I will be posting something daily, whether it is a full blown story or just a short splurge I want to keep this active. Share it with your friends if you like it, tell me if you want to see something else, I am always willing to write about something someone else suggests.

My first real post will come within the next few hours so stay tuned...but for now here is a list of some but not all of my published articles at, some are premium some are not. :(Premium) Post game story from Huskies win over Cal. :(Free) Reaction from Romar after three game losing streak :(Premium) Huskies signing day top moments :(Free) Romar reaction to 7-2 Start (Free) Isaiah Thomas becoming a defensive standout


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