Friday, February 18, 2011

Saturday NCAA Predictions, Top 25 and Pac 10, with a look back at Thursdays picks

Thursday I was 3/4 on my Pac-10 picks, my one miss was USC beating Stanford, which was the pick I felt least confident in. The scores were surprisingly close to the actual scores as well, maybe I have a knack for this?...probably just lucky though...Today I will predict the NCAA top 25 slate which has 16 games, and then scores for the Pac-10.

No. 1 Kansas over Colorado
No. 2 Texas over Nebraska
No. 4 Pittsburgh over St. Johns
No. 6 SDSU over Air Force
West Virginia over No. 7 Notre Dame
No. 8 BYU over TCU
No. 9 Georgetown over South Florida
No. 14 Villanova over DePaul
No. 17 Texas A&M over Oklahoma St.
No. 18 Vanderbilt over Auburn
No. 19 North Carolina over Boston College
No. 20 Syracuse over Rutgers
No. 21 Missouri over Iowa St.
No. 22 Kentucky over South Carolina
No. 23 Saint Mary's over No. 24 Utah St.

That looks pretty boring and safe, but I just don't see any upsets waiting to be happened. The top 25 looks safe tomorrow except for Notre Dame and one team in the Pac10...

Washington-83 No. 13 Arizona-79
Washington State-74 Arizona State-61
Oregon-72 Oregon State-62
Stanford-68 USC-64

Call the Washington win a Homer pick if you want to, but I think Washington has found its footing again and will come out strong. Suggs is hurt so Overton will start, but I think that will be alright as it gets Wilcox on the court more. This could be a slug-fest for both teams, but the final 10 minutes will be where Washington forces it's will and shows how deep of a team it is. 


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