Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 5 Sports memories: Number 5

If you have anything you want to add to my memory feel free to comment, if you want give me your top 5, I expect everyone's to be different. 

Honorable Mentions: David Tyree's Catch...Kevin Dyson comes up 1 yard short...Giants commit 11 False Starts...IMA Game of the Century


2000 Washington Huskies beat the Miami Hurricanes in Seattle
I hardly remember anything from the game itself, but it still remains in my top memories because of what I do remember. The Huskies won that game 34-29 over Miami who was ranked number 4 in the nation.

It was their only loss all season long, meaning it took their national championship opportunity away. I don't really remember all of that, but here's why I put this at number 5...

This game was the loudest game I had ever been to at the time, and nothing was even close. All I remember is that the entire time the place was rocking and I couldn't hear anything but noise. I was 12 at the time so I was shorter than anyone else and I couldn't really see much.

I was standing on my bench seat trying to watch the game, but I was young and didn't really understand anything. That game was incredible and since that game I always have loved going to games that were just crazy loud. The louder the better for me! I even tend to gauge how good a game was by the crowd noise...Kind of ironic that now when I go to games as part of the media I can't cheer at all...sometimes you gotta make those sacrifices though.


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