Monday, February 21, 2011

Top 5 Sports memories: Honorable Mentions

Over the next week or so I will be counting down my top sports memories from 5 to 1.. These are going to be memories of things where I was either watching the event or at it. Some memories are more clear than others, some are on the list because it was an amazing thing that happened that made me go nuts, others may be things that I just know I will remember forever...If you have anything you want to add to my memory feel free to comment, if you want give me your top 5, I expect everyone's to be different.

I will be mix these in with other posts as well, this is more of a side-bar to the current sports news.

I will start off the week with a couple of memories that came close, but weren't in the top 5.

Honorable mentions:

Super Bowl XLII: The catch by David Tyree after Eli Manning eluded several defenders and threw up a prayer. I hate the Giants, but that play was incredible on both ends. The catch gets all the credit, but Eli did an amazing job to not get sacked.

Coming into the game everyone thought the Patriots would roll and become the first 19-0 team, but the Giants kept it close and that play helped them to a game winning drive that was capped by a Plaxico Burress TD pass a few plays later.

Super Bowl XXXIV: Dyson comes up shortI became a Titans fan mid-way through that season, mostly because I liked their team colors, but I was 12 so who really cares. I will remember this game for more than just how it ended, but also how I spent my time during that game.

I watched the first part with a friend and then we decided to go play some basketball. We got tired and came in moments before the infamous pass to Kevin Dyson fell a yard short. To this day I will always wonder why the heck I didn't want to watch that whole game.

November 2005, Giants commit 11 false starts in OT loss to Hawks: I was at this game and will never be able to explain just how loud it was throughout the game. It seemed that every time the Giants were on offense the entire crowd was on their feet going straight bonkers. Not only was there 11 false starts, but Jay Feely had 3 field goal attempts for the win and missed all three of them.

I remember seeing a video of Jeremy Shockey on TV acting like the Giants had one, but then Feely missed and he was dumb-struck. Then to top it off, Josh Brown knocked through a game winning 36 yard field goal to secure the win for the Hawks, it was amazing!

November 2010, IMA football game of the century: I told you I was giving my personal memories and this one will be something I remember for the rest of my life. I hurt my foot in the first game of the season, forcing me to coach a few games until coming back and playing QB instead of WR.

We were down by 8 points with about 30 second left in the game so I moved back to WR. On a third down play a jump ball was thrown up between me and two other guys, somehow I came down with it for a huge first down. The clock was ticking and we had to score fast. We had the ball at the 20 with about 15 seconds left. I went into the End zone doing whatever I could to get open, but couldn't.

Our QB scrambled and threw up a prayer towards me, went up near the back of the end zone and put one hand in the air trying to catch it, somehow it stuck in my hand and I pulled it in falling towards the ground. TOUCHDOWN!

We scored and that put us down 2 points. In IMA football you can go for 1,2 or three, the more points the further away you go. We needed 2 to force OT, but we were going for 3 and the win, which is from the is how the last play went:

The plan was to find me in the end zone and let me make a play. I was double teamed though including a guy who was at least 6 inches taller than me. I tried to get open but had no luck, eventually our QB put the ball up towards me, but I had three guys around me. The ball was thrown high and was coming down short of me right to the defenders.

Their team was yelling "knock it down", there was nothing I could do to make a play but hope something good happened. and it guy batted the guy down, the other hit it on the way down giving me a split second to dive at it near the ground. I got two hands under it and secured it thinking I had the game won.

A defender dove at the ball to and tried wrestling the ball away, I saw the refs arms signal the catch was good! We WON! It was the most amazing finish to a game I have ever seen, let alone been a part of! I will remember that game for the rest of my life!


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