Thursday, February 24, 2011

Top Sports Memory: Number 3: Marshawn Lynch sets off a BeastQuake

If you have anything you want to add to my memory feel free to comment, if you want give me your top 5, I expect everyone's to be different. 
Honorable Mentions: David Tyree's Catch...Kevin Dyson comes up 1 yard short...Giants commit 11 False Starts...IMA Game of the Century
Number 5: 2001 Huskies beat the Canes in explosive Husky Stadium
Number 4: Antonio Freeman did WHAT?1?

Number 3
January 8, 2011: The BeastQuake: Seattle Seahawks Vs. New Orleans Saints
First let me give some background on this one...I have had season tickets to the Seahawks for about 15 years. I hadn't missed a home game in Qwest field until the 2009 season. I had been to every single home Seahawks playoff game during my lifetime. Yet I was NOT at this game.

I can't begin to explain my devastation for missing it. I had a work day for my house I couldn't miss...worst decision EVER! If I were at the game it would be number one almost indefinitely. But instead I was at home watching the game, but it still was the most amazing run I have ever seen.

I'm sure by now you've seen this video once or twice, or if your me about 150 times. I can't get enough of it! Going into the game against the Saints I thought the Hawks would win it. It just seemed meant to be, they were huge underdogs, but playing at home and having Matt Hasslebeck seemed like a recipe for a win. Even after the awful start to the game I thought they were in great shape...Down 10-0 to the defending champs seemed tough, but I liked what I saw...and man was I right!

That play was the epitome of Marshawn Lynch...He is just a guy who isn't going to be taken down lightly, he is a BEAST of a runner. I remember the Giants game when he had a 7 yard run that should have been nothing but he just kept fighting and fighting to get 7 yards even though the Hawks were out of it. This run was very similar, had he been taken down after 10 yards it would have been a great run.

I was on my feet jumping and screaming and he just kept going. Most 67 yard runs are a break away play and take no time, this was probably the slowest run of that length ever, not because the Beast is slow, but he was following his blockers...that run was just flippin nuts!

I don't know how else to explain it! It made an earthquake for goodness sakes! It's too bad the Hawks lost in Chicago, but I know for a fact 10 years from now we will be seeing this play on Sportscenters top 10 NFL plays ever! And if not...we can always watch these fun renditions of the BeastQuake.


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