Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Six: the week in review

Every Sunday I will look at the six top sports stories from the week. It will be a Sunday through Saturday week. So anything that happens today will likely not be included. It could be things I have talked about, but some things will also be new.

1. The fall of the leaders:
Coming into the week the top four college basketball teams were Kansas, Ohio State, Texas, Pittsburgh...All four teams lost! I have never seen something like this happen. Even more astounding is that all four teams had a handful of first place votes. What will the top 5 look like when the polls come out Monday?

Those weren't the only upsets either, SEVEN of the top ten teams fell this week. The only teams in the top 10 that didn't lose, Duke, who plays tonight, San Diego State, and BYU who played only one game. This season has been one full of parody, but this week was easily the clearest explanation that there are no great teams in college basketball.

2. Pujols will be a free agent:
I wrote about it in depth here, but that was before the deadline for him to sign came and went. The Cardinals made offers to him, but he did not like anything he saw. He is set up to make as much money as he wants after this season when he hits free agency.

Pujols is a beast, not just on the field, but as a man. The Cardinals need to find a way to get him back for the rest of his career. This off-season will be entertaining, especially if Pujols does what I think he will...

3. Blake Griffin Dunks over a car:
I knew he could dunk, and I thought he would win the dunk contest, but I never imagined what he would do. He has had some insane dunks this year, but he brought it all out for the NBA all-star-joke weekend. I will let him do the talking...

4. Anniversary of the passing of Dale Earnhardt:
While I am not a NASCAR fan or follower at any level, he was a legend of the sport and a household name. Ten years ago Friday he died in the last lap of one of the biggest races there is, the Daytona 500. He was the only racer I could name at the time, and even now his son, Dale Jr. is one of the few I know.

Dale Sr. was a winner, but from what I have learned also a family man. His passing left it's mark on the sport and also his family. Seeing what Dale Jr. does to recognize his father is very cool, even 10 years after it happened I can hear the voice and see the image of the announcement that we had lost Dale Earnhardt.

5. The NBA All-Star weekend came and went:
Yeah I had to look that one up too, it is hard to believe right? Actually it isn't even over yet, but still I feel as if it's over. I watched just two portions of the weekend, Griffin's dunks, well just replays of them, and then a bunch of celebrities get balled up by a kid.

Justin Beiber won the MVP for the celebrity game Friday, he was probably the shortest on the court by 6 inches. I watched the 4th quarter of the game, and wow those guys were not good at all. I don't mean to say I am a good basketball player, but I think I could've gone out and been the best on either team.

6. Pitchers and Catchers Report:
Just typing that makes me feel so relieved that baseball is back. Yes the regular season is still over a month away, but taking a 4+month break from constant baseball news is tough to do. Teams are getting ready, people, including myself, are making predictions about the season ahead...before we know it we can see the one realish all-star game.

Baseball season is something that brings so many things to the table, a new fantasy season, new rookies to breakout, new old guys breaking down, some controversies, and even maybe another Perfect-One-hitter...but I doubt that will happen again, at least I hope not. 


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